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Albury Basketball Association

Want to be part of a Team and a great basketball environment?, our Clubs are actively looking for new players throughout the year, if you’re interested in playing junior or senior basketball in our area, we recommend contacting one of our Clubs directly for information and registration inquiries, just click on one or more of the Club contact links on the Clubs Contacts & Info page on this Website.

You may also contact the Albury Basketball Administrator, to register your interest as an individual to join a domestic team.
Your request will be added to a list which is updated periodically by the Association then passed on to domestic clubs, but it is highly recommended to contact the clubs directly first. Contact details can be found on our Contact Us page on this website.

Albury Basketball Association

Senior Basketball Competition

Albury Basketball runs two competitions per year, one from February to June and the second from July to December.

See the Age Group & Playing Night page on this website under the Competitions menu for further details.

Ages 18 Years and Up

The Association has various Senior level competitions for this age group. The competitions run as per the Junior Competitions, February to June and July to December each year.

Want to enter a Team or enter as an individual, the Association has a range of competitions to cater for all skill levels and ages. Contact the Association for further information.

NOTE: Players under the age of 18 must be registered and playing in the Under 18 Competition or have sort prior approval from the Association to be eligible to play in a Senior team.

Player Registration and Game Fee details can be found on the Fees & Charges page on this website under the Competition menu.

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