A basketball referee’s role can be both challenging but can also have great rewards, they are an integral and essential part of the game of basketball. They ensure the game is played according to the rules, it’s played safely and played fairly. If your a player, it can also teach you a lot more about the technical part of the game.

If your a player who would like to learn the technical part of the game or if your unable to play but like to be involved in the game, become a referee. Refereeing is a great way to learn more about the game, earn money and be part of the game beyond your playing career.

To make further inquiries about becoming a referee, please contact the Basketball Administrator; Call – 0260 414 744

Set out below are some key points on why you should become a referee;

• Earning money and working flexible hours
• Keeping active and getting fit
• Being involved in basketball (especially if you love the game)
• A better understanding of the technical side of the game
• Meeting new people, making new friends and share many great experiences
• Travel to tournaments, meet other referees from across Australia
• Improving your life skills (e.g. communication, independence, confidence, decision
making and awareness)
• Preparing yourself for the workforce and other future jobs

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