Ref Development

The first step to becoming a referee is register your interest with the Referee’s Co-ordinator and become a Trainee referee. Once you have completed your traineeship, you will be assessed  for your “Community (Level O) Referee certificate”. Once completed you can start to referee for your local association. Maybe you want to referee junior representative basketball, or even one day referee in one of the Championship Leagues. Who knows, you may one day end up refereeing the WNBL or NBL!


The rules and regulations of basketball are in place to protect participants and enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Basketball Australia Referee Resources

In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission and State Sporting Organisations, Basketball Australia has implemented a referee educational framework that provides very clear learning for beginner referees right up to senior domestic referees.

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Basketball NSW Resources


Referees & Technical Officials

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  Referee Pathway (provided by Basketball Australia)

The following diagram shows the pathway for referees in Australia wanting to learn to become a referee from local through to state, national and international accreditation.
Speak with your local referee coach or coordinator to understand where you might fit in with your state’s accreditation system. 
BA Referee Pathway

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