Board of Directors

The Albury Basketball Association (ABA) is pleased to announce the following elected members of the Board.

David Blakemore – Chairperson
(Brief Overview) The Chairperson provides effective communication, leadership and oversees good governance processes, helps with the setting agendas and manages meetings to ensure the Board and Committee members function effectively and appropriately within the guidelines of the ABA. The Chairperson’s role also ensures information provided to the Board is relevant, accurate and timely. Other responsibilities include the development and planning for the continued future growth of Albury Basketball.

Melissa Daniher  Secretary
(Brief Overview) The ABA Secretary should be the first point of contact for ABA members. The Secretary plays an important and essential communications role between the Members, the Committee and the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for the issuing and preparation of notices for all meetings, preparation and distribution of meeting agendas, meeting attendances, minute taking including filing and distribution of those minutes in a timely manner, responsible for safe custody of books and documents for the ABA and attend to any correspondence that may arise.

Maxine Babinski – Treasurer
(Brief Overview) Ensures the Financial records of the Association are maintained and fully comply with all financial reporting obligations contained in the Associations Legislation. Prepare and present reports of the financial affairs for the ABA at committee meetings, manage bank accounts of the ABA and prepare End of Year financial reports for audit and manage all incoming and outgoing transaction.

Matt Whitfield –  Program Development
(Brief Overview) Responsible for Overseeing all aspects of Basketball Development for the ABA, including, Junior Programs, Age Appropriate Fundamentals, High Performance Development Programs and Elite Performance Pathway Management, within both the Domestic and Representative environment of the Association and ensuring the continued growth and development of these programs.

Shane Strang –  Junior Representative President

Rod Paul –  Referee Development

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