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This Document must be Read, Agreed To and Submitted to the Association prior to any player being accepted into the Representative Program









Representing the Albury Basketball Association (ABA) in the Cougars Representative Program is a privilege not to be taken lightly.

Being accepted into the ABA representative program not only reflects high individual skills but also implies a sound understanding of the positive philosophies of development, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Accordingly, the Albury Cougars Representative Basketball Information Handbook defines the minimum standard of performance and behaviour expected of all participants involved in any of the ABA’s Junior Development Programs or Representative Teams.

In accepting the conditions in the Player & Family Agreement (PFA) you agree to the following;

To have read and understood the guidelines contained within the PFA.

Accept the right of Basketball NSW or the ABA to consider further action should I fail to practice fair sportsmanship or meet my obligations to my team and/or BNSW or the ABA.

My parent/guardian also acknowledge the fact that on signing this PFA they acknowledge they have also read the document and fully understand their commitment contained therein.

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