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Age Group & Playing Night Information

2019 – 2020 Competitions

The Albury Basketball Association’s Junior & Senior competitions run on Weekday afternoon/nights at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre.

            • Season 1 runs during School Terms 1 & 2, normally from February to June.
            • Season 2 runs during School Terms 3 & 4, normally from July to December.
            • No games are scheduled during School Holidays or on Public Holidays.

There are currently 5 age groups in both the Boys and Girls junior competitions with up to 3 Divisions in some age groups:

The following Table is a guide for calculating your child’s playing age group according to the year your child was born.

Basketball age groups are calculated in a way that if you turn an age during that playing year by the 31st December, you must play in the next age group up e.g. if you turn 10 on December 23rd you must play Under 12’s for that season.

 This is how basketball age groups are calculated by our national body. All players are no more than two years apart, one year you may be the youngest player but within 12 months you become one of the top age players.

Please Note:

  • A younger Age Group player may be permitted to play up an Age Group, but must be registered and playing in their own Age Group first, e.g. U/10’s may be permitted to play U/12’s. An older Age Group player is not permitted to play down an Age Group, e.g. U/12’s are not permitted to play U/10’s.
  • A Higher Division player is not permitted to play down a Division in their current or a lower Age Group.
  • A Player who is under 18 years of age wishing to play in the Senior Competition, must first be Registered and Playing in the Under 18 Competition, unless prior permission is sort and approved by the Association.

Playing Night
Juniors Playing Night Seniors
12 Boys Div 1 Monday Open Men’s
14 Boys Div 1
16 Boys Div 1
16 Boys Div 2
14 Girls Div 1
14 Girls Div 2
Woman’s Albury/Wodonga Bandits Youth League Social Men’s
Men’s Albury/Wodonga Bandits Youth League
12 Boys Div 2
14 Boys Div 2
10 Girls Div 1
10 Girls Div 2
12 Girls Div 1
12 Girls Div 2
10 Boys Div 1
10 Boys Div 2
10 Boys Div 3
16 Girls Div 2
16-18 Girls Div 1
18 Boys Div 1
18 Boys Div 2
Please contact the Albury Basketball Association’s Basketball Administrator, if you have any queries regarding an Age Group or Playing Nights.

You can contact the Administrator using the following link;

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